January 19

Save Water And Keep Your Lawn Green


The secret to saving water in Utah isn't choosing whether to let your lawn live or die. It's in the fertilizer that you use for your lawn. Why? I explain every detail why in this article and more.

It's all about the Soil

The quality of the soil underneath your grass has more to do with water conservation and the health of your lawn than any other factor. You see, good soil is porous and allows water and nutrients to linger around for a while so your lawn has a continuous source of food. However, most of our soils in Utah are hard, clay-like soils that repel water, retain heat, and are not very good at retaining nutrients. Therefore, in order to keep your lawn healthy and green while saving water, we need to solve the problem right at the soil level.

How do I change my soil?

You could go about rectifying the problem with your soil by ripping out your lawn, removing several inches of the clay soil and then replacing it with good soil. However, this option takes a lot of time and money without guaranteed results that your lawn will be better off. Why? Because in addition to the soil type, we need to be concerned about how well the soil will retain moisture. Many other soil types are too porous and the water and nutrients will just soak in and leave before the lawn can absorb them. The answer is really something in between our hard clay soils and a well-drained soil.

The secret is in the fertilizer

The real secret to a healthy green lawn that uses nearly half the water to maintain is in the fertilizer that is used. 2022 was the first time that we introduced our "Wicked" fertilizer program - and the results were AMAZING!

2022 was one of the hottest, driest summers on record in the state of Utah. Many households were under some form of water conservation restrictions. Yet our wicked customers found that they could still have a green lawn and do it with the tight water restrictions we were all under.

How? The answer is both complicated and simple. The simple answer is our Wicked Fertilization program is designed with specially formulated fertilizers and soil conditioners to take any soil type and help retain water and nutrients right where the roots need them. They also promote deep and healthy root growth. If the roots grow deeper into the soil, they can have access to nutrients and moisture for longer.

Request a Quote Today

Although we are still in the middle of winter, warm weather is just around the corner. Now is the best time to request a quote for your home. Don't forget to ask for our Wicked Fertilization Program and experience for yourself how the right fertilization program can keep your lawn green and use less water too!


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