​Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services in Northern Utah

​Living in Weber and Davis Counties, you'll likely ​come in contact with spiders, ants, wasps, ​and box elder bugs around ​your home. These pests can both be annoying and dangerous.  Fortunately, the Utah Lawn Police can help with our pest control services.  We ​use the latest technology and products to keep your home safe from these annoying pests.

​How does ​our Pest Control Services work?

We are ​offer basic and premium pest control services to stop bugs in their tracks and prevent them from inv​ading your home or yard.  We will create a bug free barrier around your home that will keep the bugs out and your family safe.

​Is Pest Control safe for my family?

​The most common question we are asked is if pest control is safe.  ​The simple answer is YES, but only when following all industry standards and recommendations.  That is why all of our pest control technicians are properly trained and licensed.  We help you have peace of mind knowing that your family will be safe from harmful pests, but also from any dangers of pest control.

​Will pest control services truly eliminate all pests around my home?

​Elimination of all pests is the goal of any pest control service​. ​However, the effects of a pest control treatment will wear off over time.  That is the reason we recommend a pest control treatment program.  With a strong pest control treatment program, we will eliminate the threat of pests wandering around the inside of your home.

Pest Control ​Packages

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Basic Treatment package

  • ​Spider barrier around foundation and cracks, sprinkler boxes, rocks
  • ​Recommend monthly treatments (5 total treatments)

Our ​pest control products are deemed safe by the manufacturer for pets and children once they are dry. Please keep pets and children off of lawn until the product is completely dry.