August 29

Wicked Lawn Fertilization Program Is Even Exceeding Our Expectations!


Wicked Lawn Fertilization Program Is A Drought Killer!

Utah is in one of it's most extreme droughts in over 100 years. Most water conservancy districts have enacted lawn watering restrictions to help preserve the water we have. Yet, in the midst of this drought our Wicked Lawn Fertilization Program is keeping lawns green and healthy while helping to reduce water consumption. It even exceeded our expectations - I guess you could call it a drought killer!

Wicked Lawn Fertilization is keeping this lawn healthy and green in a drought year

How it works

The secret is in our Wicked Lawn Fertilizer that we use. It is combined with the perfect blend of soil conditioners and fertilizers to lock water in at the roots, helping your lawn stay healthy and green while consuming up to 30% less water. It really is a game changer! Plus, when you combine it with our liquid lawn aeration product, we can help your roots grow deeper and stronger, creating the ultimate drought busting solution.

But it is more than about just keeping a lawn green. In fact, a green lawn does not always indicate a healthy lawn. The secret to a healthy lawn is a healthy root system and healthy soil balance. According to NDSU, fertilization is key to helping our soil in a drought. That is exactly what our Wicked Lawn Fertilization program delivers - Healthy roots and healthy soil balance.

If my lawn is brown this year, will the Wicked Lawn Fertilization program make it green again?

August is really too late in the year to worry about bringing your lawn back to life this year. Grass is a resilient plant and usually goes dormant without proper watering and will come back again in the spring. But, if you would like your lawn to be green and healthy next summer, in spite of possible drought conditions, get a quote from us and get on our wicked fertilization schedule. I promise that you will be glad that you did.


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