Mosquito Abatement Services

Mosquito Abatement Services in Northern Utah

Mosquitos are a pest that many people would love to get rid of around their home.  Anyone who has ever been bitten by a mosquito will agree.  We offer mosquito abatement services to help home owners in Weber and Davis counties enjoy a little relief from the ​pesky mosquitoes.

​How does mosquito abatement work?

We are often asked how we can control mosquito​es through abatement and if it really works.  The answer to that question is "Yes, it does work."  However, it is impossible to guarantee ​the complete removal of mosquitoes.  We can only limit the outbreak of mosquitoes, which will reduce the mosquito population around the home​.

​Our Mosquito Abatement program includes:

  • Complete yard inspection to identify possible standing water (mosquito breeding grounds)
  • Create a custom treatment plan for your home
  • Apply specific products through a fogging system that will control the mosquito at all stages - eggs, larvae and adults.
  • ​Apply and create a barrier to prevent future mosquitoes from forming.

Our pest control products are deemed safe by the manufacturer for pets and children once they are dry. Please keep pets and children off of lawn until the product is completely dry.