Liquid Lawn Aeration

Liquid Lawn Aeration and How It Works

Lawn Aeration is a common practice here in Utah.  When you think of aeration, you may be used to thinking of small cores of dirt pulled from the ground by a machine.  This method of aeration is known as Mechanical Aeration.  We use a method known as Liquid Lawn Aeration.

What is Liquid Lawn Aeration?

Liquid Lawn Aeration is nothing more than a special blend of humic acids and potassium acetate that break down metallic compounds in the soil, creating passage-ways for the air and nutrients to better penetrate the soil.  That is a long, technical way of saying that we spray a substance on the ground that loosens the soil in a superior way to Mechanical Aeration.  In addition, Liquid aeration will aerate the entire lawn and not just every few inches where a hole is poked.

How it works

The combination of humic acids and potassium acetate essentially break down the hard metallic compound in the soil.  As these compounds are broken down, tiny passageways for air and nutrients are created.  

​Benefits of Aeration

  • ​More nutrients being delivered to lawn
  • ​Healthier root growth
  • Helps save on watering

Liquid Aeration vs. Mechanical Aeration


Liquid Aeration

​Mechanical Aeration

Aerates the soil

​Penetrates up to a foot


​Doesn't leave a mess


​Aerates the entire lawn


​and the best part is that it costs as low as $40
(based on square footage)