Lawn Fertilization Ogden, Utah

Looking for lawn fertilization in Ogden, Utah?  Trust the fertilization and weed control professionals with Utah Lawn Police.  We have been serving the Ogden community since 2003​, creating beautiful lawns all over the Weber County area.​  At ​Utah Lawn Police, we pride ourselves in being a​ local Ogden ​lawn fertilization and weed control company.  Unlike larger national chains, ​our ​workers understand Utah soils and truly care about your lawn​.  ​Our technicians are highly trained and licensed fertilization experts.

Our Ogden ​Lawn Fertilization Services

​Utah Lawn Police services range from ​lawn fertilization and weed control to ​pest and mosquito control.  Our full range of ​lawn care services include:

​Create a beautiful green lawn

We use the finest ​fertilizer to help​ your lawn be a beautiful, green ​lawn.  Our special blend of fertilizer also provides weed control to help maintain a weed free lawn.  All of our chemicals are pet and kid friendly, meaning that they are safe for pets and children once the chemicals have dried.  

​Help your roots grow healthy and strong

​Fertilization is key to helping your lawn's root system grown healthy and strong.  If your lawn has a strong and healthy root system your lawn will naturally have fewer weeds to control.  Lawn aeration is key to growing a healthy and strong root system.  We provide liquid lawn aeration services in Ogden, Utah.  Our aeration service covers the entire lawn and penetrates deeper than mechanical aeration.

​Call our expert lawn fertilization technicians

​Our experienced and customer-oriented technicians can help with your next lawn fertilization, lawn weed control, or pest and mosquito control services. Let us know how we can serve your ​lawn care needs in the Ogden area​ (801) 814-3934.