Lawn Fertilization Company and Weed Control

How can I have a weed-free, LUSH GREEN lawn?

It's Simple:

Have a good lawn fertilization Company and weed control program

Fertilizer is food for your Lawn

Just like humans, a lawn needs important nutrients to survive.  These nutrients are naturally found in our soils, but are rapidly depleted by plants and other micro-organisms.  A lawn fertilization plan will ensure these nutrients are replenished in the soil to keep your lawn healthy and green.

A Healthy lawn means fewer weeds

A healthy lawn is accompanied with a healthy root system.  As the roots of your lawn become thicker and grown deeper there is less room for weeds to grow.  Our 6-step fertilization program will help your lawn grow healthy and strong.  However, it is important to keep the lawn weed free allowing the root system to become as healthy as possible.  That is why fertilization and weed control are a part of each step of our 6-step fertilization program.

A Healthy lawn requires less water

It has been proven that a healthy lawn will require less water.  This is welcome news since Utah is the second driest state in the nation.  A balanced fertilization and weed control plan, along with our liquid lawn aeration, will reduce the amount of money and time spent watering the lawn.

A Lawn Fertilization Company that cares

If you are looking for a Lawn Fertilization Company that cares, you should definitely let us give you a bid. Unlike large national chains, we are big enough to service our clients and small enough to give you and your yard the attention you deserve. Don't trust just any lawn fertilization company with the health of your lawn. Our specialized Wicked Fertilization program is unlike any other lawn fertilization plan around.

Our Process to a Beautiful Lawn

lawn fertilization company plan

Areas We Service:

Utah Lawn Police is Northern Utah's favorite Lawn Fertilization Company. We are based out of North Ogden, yet we serve clients in Box Elder, Weber, and Davis Counties.  Our trained and licensed technicians provide lawn fertilization and weed control services in the following cities:

Box Elder County

  • Brigham City
  • Perry
  • Willard

Weber County

  • North Ogden
  • Plain City
  • Huntsville
  • Eden
  • Ogden
  • South Ogden
  • Roy

Davis County

  • Sunset
  • Clinton
  • Layton
  • Syracuse
  • Kaysville
  • Farmington
  • Bountiful

Morgan County

  • Mountain Green
  • Morgan

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Our lawn fertilization and weed control products are deemed safe by the manufacturer for pets and children once they are dry. Please keep pets and children off of lawn until the product is completely dry.