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How often to fertilize lawn


A lush, green lawn is the pride of any homeowner in Northern Utah. Proper fertilization is key to achieving that vibrant look, but figuring out the right schedule can be a bit tricky. In this guide, we'll cover how often to fertilize your lawn in Northern Utah to keep it healthy and beautiful throughout the growing season.

Understanding Fertilization Needs

Before we delve into the schedule, it's important to understand why and when your lawn needs fertilization. Fertilizers provide essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium that promote healthy growth, root development, and overall resilience against pests and diseases. For drought prone areas, such as Utah, it is important to find a fertilization company that will condition the soil as well to help your lawn stay green while using less water. Our Wicked Fertilization program is an example of such a plan.

How often to fertilize lawn

  1. Early Spring (March - April):
    • This application should be a fertilizer plus a pre-emergent weed control.
    • Apply a nitrogen-rich fertilizer to kickstart growth after winter dormancy.
    • Use a fertilizer with a high first number in the N-P-K ratio (e.g., 20-10-10) to encourage strong, green grass.
  2. Late Spring (May - June):
    • Follow up with a balanced fertilizer to sustain growth and promote root development.
    • Consider a slow-release fertilizer for longer-lasting effects and reduced risk of nutrient runoff.
    • This is also a perfect time to apply a post-emergent weed control to keep your lawn weed free.
  3. Summer (July - August):
    • If your lawn shows signs of nutrient deficiency (e.g., yellowing or slow growth), apply a light dose of nitrogen fertilizer.
    • Water deeply after fertilizing to prevent stress on the grass during hot weather.

      Note: Fertilizing when it is too hot outside is not good for your lawn. It creates stress and can lead to disease.
  4. Early Fall (late September - October):
    • Apply a fall-specific fertilizer with higher potassium content to strengthen grass roots and improve winter hardiness.
    • Avoid fertilizing late in the fall to prevent stimulating new growth that may not withstand winter cold.

Why you should use Lawn Police to fertilize your lawn

  • Low Maintenance: You lead a busy life and keeping track of when and how to apply lawn fertilizer is not something you should have to worry about. Our fertilization program will keep your lawn looking its best without stress or worry.
  • Proper Application: Following manufacturer's instructions for safety is so very important to keep you, your family, and your pets healthy. Our licensed technicians will take the worry out of your lawn fertilization being done right.
  • Affordability: Our fertilization services are more affordable than national chains and even some DIY fertilization programs.


Fertilizing your lawn in Northern Utah requires a strategic approach based on seasonal needs and environmental conditions. By following a well-planned fertilization schedule and incorporating best practices, it is easy to maintain a healthy, vibrant lawn that enhances your outdoor space all summer long.


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