September 23

3 Astonishing Facts Proving That Liquid Aeration Actually Works


Does Liquid Aeration Actually Work?

Most people are familiar with the benefits of lawn aeration, but most people are used to core aeration where a plug is removed from the lawn. Because they aren't familiar with liquid aeration, the question that is most often asked is "Does liquid aeration actually work?" To answer this, you need to understand the three-fold purpose of lawn aeration:

  1. To get air and nutrients down into the soil where the roots can absorb them
  2. To break down compacted soils
  3. To promote deep and healthy root growth to conserve water and make the lawn more healthy
Liquid Lawn Aeration Services

The answer is "YES" liquid aeration accomplish all three of these purposes, which means it truly does work. But if you are still on the fence and need more FACTS showing it works...then read on!

Fact #1 - Liquid Aeration penetrates deeper than core aeration

Since one of the primary purposes is to promote deep and healthy root growth, it would be wise to aerate as deep as possible into the soil. Core aeration usually can go only a few inches deep into the soil. This means that the roots will only go down about the same depth as the core aeration. This means that during the heat of the summer, the lawn will still dry out and show signs of stress. 

However, a lawn treated with liquid aeration has been shown to grow roots as much as 7 to 8 inches deep. This is made possible by the soil conditioners that break down the hard, clay soils we enjoy here in Utah and make it possible for the roots, water, and nutrients to penetrate deeper into the soil. A lawn that is treated with liquid aeration is usually better suited to do well during the hot, dry months in the Utah desert.

Fact #2 - Liquid Aeration will aerate the entire lawn

In contrast to Core Aeration which only pokes a hole every 4 or 5 inches, liquid aeration can cover the entire lawn. Because of its broad application, the root system of your lawn will become healthier and stronger everywhere and not just every 4 or 5 inches.

Fact #3 - Liquid Aeration doesn't leave a mess

The one complaint many people have about aeration is the muddy mess that is left behind. With liquid aeration you can say goodbye to the hard to clean up aeration plugs or dusty air when mowing over aeration plugs. Liquid aeration simply will penetrate deep into your soil, giving your lawn all of the benefits of aeration without the mess.

When can I aerate my lawn with liquid aeration?

One final question that people have after hearing these amazing facts is when can I aerate my lawn? The answer is that liquid aeration can be used safely and effectively from March to October in Utah, with the greatest benefits coming during the warm weather months. In fact, we believe in liquid lawn aeration so much that we include our aeration product in every application we apply in our lawn care packages. Now you can enjoy a healthy, green lawn without the mess of mechanical aeration.


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