Welcome to our NEW website!

Welcome to our new website!  We are glad that you are here.  While you are taking a moment to look around, we would like to help you know some of the features of our site that are exciting and new!

What's New?

We are excited to share some of the new features of our site with you.  Here are some of the things you will experience on our site:

We know that taking care of your lawn is what is expected of us, but we hope that you will check back on our site for great tips to help you have the best looking yard in the neighborhood.

What's the same?

You will be glad that we didn't change some of the features of our site.  For instance, you are still able to pay your bill directly online.  We know that this service makes it convenient for you and we are excited to continue to offer that for you. 


We hope you enjoy the new Utah Lawn Police website.  We have the best customers and are excited to serve you in better ways through these exciting changes.