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Save water with our new wicked fertilizer!

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Utah Lawn Care Services

Lawn Fertilization

Do you struggle keeping your lawn green throughout the summer? Fertilization is the key to a healthy & beautiful lawn. Our custom lawn fertilization plan will keep your lawn thick and green all year long.

Weed Control

We are the experts in the following types of weed control: Lawn Weeds, Noxious Weeds, Pasture Weeds & Bare Ground Weeds. Controlling weeds is a part of our lawn fertilization program.

Liquid Lawn Aeration

Want to have a green lawn even in a drought? Liquid Lawn aeration is your solution! Liquid Aeration breaks down our clay soils allowing air, water & nutrients to reach the roots of your grass.

Why Choose Us?

Utah Lawn Police makes coming home to a beautiful lawn a reality. Our lawn fertilization services will provide your lawn with essential nutrients to promote a lush, healthy lawn in Utah's soils.

Founded Locally, Serving Locally

Our business is located in beautiful North Ogden, Utah and we proudly serve all of Weber & Davis counties. We formulate our fertilizers specifically for Utah's climate and soils.

Send weeds and pests packing leaving you 100% satisfied

The secret to a completely weed-free lawn is a healthy lawn. Give our lawn care services a try and watch your neighbors be green with envy.

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Frequently Asked Lawn Service Questions

I need help! My lawn looks terrible and I Don't Know what to do. Can Lawn Police help me?

Yes. We can help you. Let us start by giving you a free lawn health analysis. From there, we will recommend a treatment plan that will restore your lawn to a beautiful, healthy state.

When do you normally start treating lawns?

The best time to start treating lawns in Utah starts about March 15th. Our trucks will be out applying the first treatment around that time. We begin by applying a pre-emergent fertilizer blend that will also green up your lawn. 

What's the importance of pre-emergent in the spring? What does it do?

A pre-emergent, when applied at the right time, will help prevent most weeds seeds from growing in the early spring. It will also help prevent crab grass from growing in your lawn during the summer. While a pre-emergent will prevent weed seeds from growing, some will start to grow before the pre-emergent is applied. Don't worry, we will take care of those weeds during the second application of the year.

How often should fertilizer be applied to my lawn each year?

Our most popular lawn fertilization plan includes 6 worry-free applications, or about every 6 weeks. 

Does Utah Lawn police offer lawn mowing services?

No, we do not. Our focus is helping you with lawn aeration, fertilization, weed control, and pest control services. 

are my children and pets safe to walk on the grass after you fertilize?

Your lawn is completely safe for children and pets once your lawn is dry, which is typically in less than an hour after the application.

why do i still see weeds in my lawn after the first application?

While many weeds will begin to wilt just moments after an application of weed control, it can take a couple of weeks for all of your weeds to whither away. If the weeds are not dying 2 weeks after the application, give us a call and we will come take care of those for you.

It started raining a couple hours after you fertilized my lawn. do you need to come back?

Our fertilizers are not affected by the rain 30 minutes after being applied. If it starts raining after that time, everything should be fine.

When can I start watering after an application?

You should wait about one hour before you start to water your lawn. That gives enough time for the fertilizer application to dry on a start taking effect.

Is Utah lawn police licensed?

Yes. Utah State law requires that all companies that apply pesticides be licensed with the state. Utah Lawn Police is properly licensed with the State.

What do I do if i have brown spots in my grass?

There are many things that can cause brown spots in your grass - dog urine, over watering, under watering, and insects to name a few. It is best to have a Utah Lawn Police technician come and help diagnose what is causing the brown spot in your lawn.

Do you offer guarantee's of your work?

Absolutely! We stand behind our work 100%. If you have a concern, I invite you to reach out to us and let us help resolve your concern.

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Great service. These folks actually use fertilizer and weed killer every visit, as opposed to most competition. The staff and service people are super friendly and great to work with.

Todd H.

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Started with this company early this summer. We've only had three treatments. With no irrigation system and considering the drought situation, I watered about once a week. The lawns have never looked better

Judy G.

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